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About me 

In 2011, Nujavi packed her knives and said goodbye to her hometown Caracas, Venezuela, and headed to Madrid, Spain, to become an entrepreneur Chef and the owner of one of the coolest Venezuelan bars in the city. 

Thanks to her musical education, she was able to perform in her own bar and connect with her true calling as a singer. Years later, when she moved to New York City, she made the transition into the voice over world. The singing techniques she learned at music school provided her with a wide range of tones to play with, which created her distinctive sound.

With a privileged childhood as the daughter of a clown family, Nujavi has a fun and unique way to always seek joy in each story she tells


Since 2016 she's been giving voice to projects in both English and Spanish. She has worked with Disney World Resorts, Harina P.A.N, Papa Jonh's, Mapfre Seguros, Univision, Pfizer, and many others. Has also recorded children songs, jingles and performed different vocal age ranges for both advertising and dubbing engagements. When giving voice to projects, she gets to put a little of her generous soul into them.

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